General terms and conditions

Reservation – Deposit

We ask for all reservation a valid debit card number or a 30% down payment by check. The final payment’s confirmation will be sent after receiving it. Prices displayed correspond to a night’s stay, and vary depending on the rooms. Payment will take place by phone or on the hotel’s website. In case of a late arrival, we’ll ask you to warn us and give us the time you’ll arrive at the hotel. If the payment isn’t made by then, you’ll pay at your arrival.

Reservation information

Rooms will be available starting from 4 p.m, and have to be vacated on the last day at 11 a.m. Any later and it might lead to billing of an extra night’s stay. “No-shows” (reservations which have not been cancelled) will be billed according to the original duration of the stay. In case of stays superior to a week, billing will be established per week.


We accept the following debit cards: CB, Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard. Payment can also be done by ANCV holiday voucher or in cash.

Services’ modifications

Any modification request regarding services offered in the reservation you made will have to be written and sent to the hotel. Modification can only be accepted and confirmed depending on the hotel’s availabilities at the time of the request.

Partial or total cancellation

Total cancellation : until 3 days before the start of the stay; whatever the reason may be, deposit will not be refunded. In case of interruption of a stay, deposit will not be refunded either. Likewise, in case of an early departure (due to weather for example), you’ll be asked to pay for the totality of your stay. Past this period, reservation becomes a “no-show” (booked services uncancelled or cancelled less than 24h before arrival), and you’ll have to pay the entirety of your stay’s bill. In case of an emergency (accident, death, medical urgency), with a justificative, the hotel will refund your deposit.

Partial cancellation : in case of a stay cut short, an arrival date modified, a modification of the number of people, or any other modification of the original reservation, the deposit made will neither be refunded or deducted of the bill. The original stay’s reservation’s sum will be asked.


Total cancellation : in case of an emergency, our hotel can accommodate people involved totally or partially in a nearby hotel, equivalent in services; bills concerning the transfer will be managed by the establishment, which can’t be asked for any other kind of additional indemnity.


Prices are in euros TTC. Prices confirmed on the reservation’s request will not change until the day of the purchase option’s end. Past this date, they might be modified depending on economic conditions. Prices will then be the ones applicable in case of legislative changes and/or payment changes, which would likely result in prices variations such as : applicable TVA rate, inauguration of new taxes… The stay’s tax is 1,50 euros per day and per person over 18 years old.

Promotional stays

Promotions are non-cumulative, unchangeable and can’t be cancelled; they’re only valid at the prices and dates shown. Specific conditions: information concerning the client’ debit card is needed to benefit from the promotions. Any modification or cancellation is impossible after booking for any promotions with the mentions: “can’t be cancelled or refunded”. Otherwise, the integrality of the flat fee will have to be paid.

Terms and conditions of payment

Terms and conditions of payment : At the end of your stay, the deposit will be deduced from the final bill. Bills can be paid at the reception desk when you arrive. Except from opposite measures, no payment extension will be accepted. Payment of extras (laundry, drinks, phone, stay’s tax…) will be paid before leaving. If not, a bill will be sent to the client, who will have to pay when receiving it. Any late payment will lead to the billing of late payment penalty equal to 1.5 of the legal applicable interest rate without preliminary formal notice.

Guarantee – Deterioration – Damage – Theft

Clients have to ensure to safety of their belongings, and to inform the hotel of any deterioration of which they would be the cause =. They are accountable for the totality of the damage they caused and have to commit to support reconditioning costs. In case of the disappearance of any towels or elements of decorations, a bill will be sent to you.

Nonsmoking rooms

Any person not respecting the smoking interdiction inside the rooms are risking a 1500 euros fine.


Any pets under 3 kg can be accepted, for 10 euros per day. Clients admit they are aware of the interdiction to let their pets alone in their rooms.


Clients can’t bring any drinks or food in the hotel without the direction’s preliminary authorisation. They promise to respect, them and their guests, the entirety of the hotel’s rules (such as the smoking interdiction). Clients will make sure that their guests, and themselves, won’t disturb the hotel’s management neither cause harm to the establishment’s security and of the people inside.


The hotel can excuse itself from its obligations or to adjourn them if it is incapable of doing otherwise due to an emergency case, particularly in case of the total or partial destruction of the establishment, strikes.